Residential Offerings

Ayala Land Premier’s pioneer seaside leisure community in Morong, Bataan, Anvaya Cove presents homes of distinction where the mountains meet the sea. Residential addresses are complemented by two top-of-the-line membership clubs nestled within a unique, natural setting.

Discover an endless summer with the family and find your place under the sun at Anvaya Cove.

South Coast

Anvaya Cove’s newest neighborhood welcomes residences home through a lush canopy of trees. Residential lots are perched atop undulating landscapes, opening up homes to views of the sea.

South Grove

With a limited selection of only 50 lots, South Grove presents an intimate residential enclave enhanced by views of nature, the mountains, and the sea.


Anvaya Cove’s newest neighborhood welcomes residences home through a lush canopy of trees. Residential lots are perched atop undulating landscapes, opening up homes to views of the sea.


A lush enclave bound by a creek, Brookside welcomes its resident's home with the best of what nature has to offer. Boasting its proximity to the Beach & Nature Club, this neighborhood offers a lifestyle within a seaside leisure community like no other.

Anvaya Residence - Cliffside

The Cliffside

The Cliffside is the signature neighborhood of the entire Anvaya development. This area is the most scenic because of its elevation (35-50 meters above sea level) and commanding views.

Anvaya Residence - Horizon Point

Horizon Point

The Horizon Point is located at the southwestern edge of Anvaya Cove. Situated on a ridge, the neighborhood plays with the natural contours of the terrain and vivid backdrop views.

Anvaya Residence - The Parkway Vistas

The Parkway Vistas

The Parkway Vistas is one of the most expansive neighborhoods located on the southern point of Anvaya Cove. A neighborhood of continuous greenery, dedicated to open spaces.

Anvaya Residence - Bamboo Grove

Bamboo Grove

Unwind in the gentle harmonies of The Bamboo Grove. With 6.4 hectares of gently rolling terrain, this serene neighborhood is tucked in the southeastern portion of Anvaya Cove.

Anvaya Residence - Woodridge Hills

Woodridge Hills

The Woodridge Hills is the first neighborhood to be settled in the northern selection of Anvaya Cove. It provides families with a variety of living choices as it gently rolls over two hills.

Anvaya Residence - Seascape Ridge

Seascape Ridge

At the Seascape Ridge, more than 85% of the neighborhood is devoted to open spaces and greenery so you can revel in its natural features - an expanse of green at the center.

Anvaya Residence - Mango Grove

Mango Grove

An abundance of large, mature mango trees give this area its unique character. Views of the cove, green valleys, the Beach Club, and Nature Camp can be seen from this vantage point.

Anvaya Residence - Narra Grove

Narra Grove

At Narra Grove, 52 lots stretch gently over a 5.2-hectare expanse, dotted by clusters of trees this neighborhood is named after which is situated nearest to Anvaya Cove's main gate.

Anavaya Residence - Wood Park

Wood Park

Smaller than Anvaya Cove's first two neighborhoods and enveloped in greenways, Wood Park has a snug arboreal charm. Entry is thru a bridge that crosses over a natural brook.

Anvaya Residence - Vistas at Mango Grove

Vistas at Mango Grove

Beneath the majestic trees that weave in and out of The Vistas at Mango Grove lie picturesque scenes looking out to rolling terrain and calm seas far from the flat grays and concrete of the city.

Anvaya Residence - Seaside Villas

Seaside Villas

Nestled amidst a cluster of large trees located north of the main Beach Club, the “Seaside Villas” is the most exclusive offering of Anvaya Cove providing dramatic views of Ilingan Cove.

Anvaya Residence - Sea Breeze Verandas

Sea Breeze Verandas

The Sea Breeze Verandas is a low-rise condominium product of Ayala Land Premier's signature leisure community ready-to-move-in units for convenient and hassle-free living.