Swimming Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Immerse yourself in the vibrant pulse of Anvaya Cove’s waters, and feel rejuvenated by the rushing waves! Feel enveloped by the energizing rays of the tropical sun, and enjoy the array of available activities for the entire family. Play a round of frisbee on the smooth, uncluttered sands, engage in a variety of watersports, and discover Anvaya’s rich marine life as you re-commune with nature.


Hit the sands of Anvaya Cove with a wide array of games and sports that are sure to make your stay in the Club exciting and enjoyable.
Enjoy different kinds of sports and activities that are conducted at the beach area.

Sports & Activities BEACH SPORTS

Beach Football Take your best shots on our official beach football goals playing on a perfect white sand pitch to complement your soccer skills.
Flag & Touch Football The Anvaya Cove beach provides the perfect field and backdrop for a round of flag or touch football. Right after a victorious touchdown, celebrate with your friends at the nearby Sunset Bar or re-energize at the Tower Bar.
Beach Ultimate Frisbee Practice throwing and catching the disc with your family or friends. To level up the game, the vast beach area provides the perfect venue for official tournaments and clinics.
Beach Volleyball Dive into the sand saving the volleyball, no gears needed, just you and your spiking, digging, and serving skills!
Beach Volleyball “Beat-the-Staff” Challenge Create your own team with your family and friends and challenge the staff of Anvaya Cove. Show your skills and agility to beat the staff!
Beach Dodge Ball  Catch, block, and dodge quickly on the sand as you take out the competition with your skill and agility.
Beach Basketball Test your basketball skills on sands, sans the dribbling and with some modifications yet altogether fun-filled game for everyone.
Sand Castle-Making Enjoy building your own great and beautiful sand structure in your creative and skillful style with the fine sands of the Anvaya Cove beach.

Watersports Pavilion Watersports Activities

Get ready to get wet and wildly amused with a wide roster of activities in the waters of Anvaya Cove. Watersports equipment rentals are available at the Watersports Pavilion near the Pawikan Beach Bar and Grill.

Kayaking Cut through the calm waters at Anvaya Cove on-board our kayaks. Take kayaking lessons from our staff or avail of our guided tours to neighboring coves or visit the giant Kissing Rocks.
Stand-up Paddle Board Feel the calm breeze and maintain your balance on our paddle boards. Hold on to your paddle tightly and visit the corals at the edge of the cove or simply practice your gliding and paddling skills to be able to win a race against your friends!
Aqua Trike Enjoy a smooth ride as would on a bike, but with a twist—the waters as your pavement.
Pedal Boat Sit back and let your feet do the work as you traverse the waters and enjoy the view of the vast sea expanses.
Snorkeling Take a fun and relaxing time to view the colorful and fascinating world beneath the waters.
Speed Boat Tours Take the whole family for a bonding experience at sea as we take you on a tour around the multiple coves of Bataan! Check out the majestic Grande Island, drop-off in a pristine snorkeling spot, or simply wait for a spectacular view of the sunset.
Towables By making use of the speedboat, enjoy these thrilling rides to glide through the waters of Anvaya Cove:
  • Banana Boat
Experience Anvaya Cove’s exhilarating signature banana boat flips! Board the 5-seater inflatable and challenge your friends to a rodeo-like challenge at sea, withstanding a fall from the speedy and bouncy banana boat.
  • Wakeboard
Do cool wakeboard tricks and stunts with our pro speedboat drivers. For beginners, our Watersports attendants offer daily clinics to coach students how to accomplish their first lap without falling.
  • Water Ski
Hang on tight standing as you skim the surface of the waters using skis.
  • Fun 2 / Ski Biscuit
This towable inflatable allows one to three persons to enjoy a fast and thrilling ride trailing the speedboat.

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