The Clubs have decided to put bigger attention to environmental programs this year. As a kick-off to this commitment, a Coastal Clean-up was held last July 8, 2017.

At 6:30 AM, Clubs’ staff were already gathered in groups ready to scour the shores of Anvaya for trash. The shoreline view from afar showed a seemingly litter-free beach but we were able to gather several bags of trash after an hour.

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ecoanvaya1Green Living

Environment-conscious practices will be encouraged at all times in the Club amongst Members, guests and employees.


ecoanvaya2Nature Preservation

Plant and animal life in the area will be protected from any form of human-cause harm.


ecoanvaya3Energy Conservation

Suitable energy conservation measures will be initiated in all areas possible in the club.


ecoanvaya4Water Stewardship

Proper and efficient usage and disposal of all available water resources in the Club will be continuously employed.

ecoanvaya5Waste Management

Effective recycling and waste reduction programs will be developed and implemented in all facets of operations.


ecoanvaya6Eco-Responsible Purchasing

Ecologically responsible purchasing policies will be established and employed where practically possible.


ecoanvaya7Local Engagement

Environmental awareness and sustainable livelihood projects will be promoted in the local community.


ecoanvaya9Sustainable Eco Strategies

Broader environmental targets will be developed while constantly identifying the Club Operations’ ecological impact.

We Believe in Protecting THE ENVIRONMENT

Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club is proud to be contributing to the cause of protecting and preserving the environment as it continues sustainable Club operations and management practices.